Suitcase Reviews and How To Select Best Suitcase For The Trip?

A general rule to buying any luggage bag for a long trip overseas must be to decide the size of the luggage. We bet, you do not wish to compromise on the shopping mode and leave some stuff while coming back home just because your bag could not accommodate it.

Ideally, the size of a luggage bag must be in the 62 inches range. These are larger bags that can solve all your issues related to your packing, stuffing, and traveling needs. Traveling by plane may have some restriction on the weight you can carry so we advise you to choose a bag that follows the travel rules.

Best Place to Buy Luggage Bags For The Trip?

You can check just about anything and everything related to your trip on sites like They have oodles of brands with various offers that will leave you confused which bag to opt in and opt out. Take a sneak peak at other sites such as;, Travelpro, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc.

Do check the manufacture you are buying the product from. Some brands give you long lasting warranty on the bag’s wear and tear. Some are so durable that they do not need a warranty at all and stay for longer in good number of trips with you.

Colour of Baggage:

Luggage bags are available in all trendy colours and patterns. You must choose an uncommon colour that can be tracked easily on the airport terminal belt. Go for a brighter colour or a patterned bag that gives a recall value to your trip every time you travel. Standard colours like black, navy blue, beige, may be mixed with the others and have chances to get lost.

You may have observed some people carrying leopard prints or cartoon print bags. It is not just because they loved the print, but also it adds uniqueness to trace your bag easily.

Extra Features:

In order to select the high Quality suitcase for your trip, you may also wish to know the extra features that the luggage back can offer you. Go for features that have water resistant material, detachable pockets to keep dirty or wet clothes, waterproof pouches for toiletries, and extra space in need.

Select a bag that has sturdy and strong handles. Even if you carry or roll them on wheels, the handle has to be strong. Some bags also come with detachable clips with handle and can be fixed in vertical or horizontal direction based on your comfort while traveling.

 Top Suitcase Brands Reviews:

  • Away the Carry-On: Do you know that this bag comes with a 100-day trial mode!
  • Raden A-22 Carry-On: The bag comes in cute colours and it has a connected luggage to relive you from the travel hassle.
  • JetKids BedBox: This will blow your mind with its footrest for little ones. They have a carry-on that easily converts into footrest for your child to relax.
  • Samsonite Silhouette Sphere 2 22’’ Hard side Spinner: The bag is spacious, easy to carry, time-saving to pack and tested by large number of users.

There are some more amazing brands that you must check online along with their reviews before making the final purchase.