Rock Climbing

Challenge yourself by scaling difficult walls.

Indoor Rock Climbing Beginner skills class

Ever thought about learning Rock Climbing, but you don't have the equipment and the indoor gym’s seem intimidating on your own? This class is for you. It’s for the first time beginner. What you get: Day pass, climbing shoes, chalk bag, harness, and 3 Hours of instruction on: gym introduction, foot techniques, holding techniques, climbing techniques, How to use climbing harness and equipment, climbing styles, numbered route explanations, and lots of climbing!

Learn to Tightrope Walk (Slackline)

Are you an adventurer always looking to experience or learn a new thing? Well grab a friend, let's hit the park and learn how to walk a tightrope.

Ice Climbing Adventure in P.A.

If your visiting our website, your certainly a person searching for that new Adventure. Well this is it.... Ice Climbing. We will be heading out to Pennsylvania close to the Delaware Water Gap. If nature made a place to learn ice climbing, it's here. Available Currently on hold due to unusually warm temperatures